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My full name is Christopher Nicholas Rault, but good ‘ol Chris will do fine. I've been building on the web since the days when flashing buttons were cool and tables for layout was a thing. Despite being a veteran of the web, I still wake up every morning excited about the days work ahead. There aren't many jobs that give you the same satisfaction as with working on the ever changing landscape, that is the web.



Creative Director @ Web Monkeys

April 2007Present

My role at Web Monkeys has been varied based on the need at the time. Apart from co-running the business, my responsibilities included desiging our web properties, themes, plugin interfaces and marketing material. I also took the lead on our product support, writing technical documentation and all marketing related content.

Side projects:
Made with Sketch

A showcase of the best Sketch resources, while also serving up optimized versions for the smallest download.



Premium grade WordPress themes for free. My playground for experimenting with methods of monetization, while at the same time contributing to the WordPress community.



The home of our Headway plugins and templates. Extending Headway since 2012.


Creative Director @ Nomad Studios

August 2005April 2007

We started Nomad Studios shortly after leaving the UK, providing web design services to companies in the real-estate sector across the US, Europe and South America. We worked on everything from small agency sites, to fully-featured property portals and everything inbetween.

Partner @ NuVue Trading

July 2003July 2005

Myself and a former colleague setup NuVue Trading while living in the UK, drop-shipping wholesale label clothing to retailers selling on eBay. After getting frequent requests for web design work, we branched out and created Nomad Studios, which later became our primary focus. It was around this time that I started getting involved in the open-source community.

Technical Sales Consultant @ RPC Data

Feb 2001June 2003

Working at RPC was my first taste of startup life. I was recruited for a rigorous six month bootcamp, then three months of Oracle training in Zimbabwe and later advanced web design at UCT. My responsibilities included building technical demos, prototypes, assisting the sales team on client meetings and giving technical presentations at relevant tech shows. I was also responsible for the companies websites.

Training Camp Manager @ Phinda Game Reserve

Jan 2000Jan 2001

Fresh out of school and in search of an adventure, I landed a position as the Training Camp Manager at a prestige game reserve in KZN, South Africa. When not tracking Lion cubs, my responsibilities included camp security, maintenance, procurement, assisting with training exercises and generally ensuring the trainees were well looked after. It was a great experience, filled with many personal challenges and self-discovery. Exactly what I was wanting from the experience.



Advanced Web Design

University of Cape Town / 2001-2002

Completed a comprehensive part-time course at UCT, covering a range of topics related to web design. Most of which I already knew, but it did open my eyes to the power of CSS.

Grade 12 Business Studies (NS2)

Die Bult Highschool / 1995-1999

Distinction in Computer Science and top of my class. Was selected as school prefect, served on the Junior Town Council and received the Salesman of the Year award in 1999.



  • Over the past fifteen years I've had the privelage of working on numerous exciting projects, from websites to plugin interfaces to themes and templates. I'm sucker for details and strive for perfection in my work. Striving for perfection in web-design is an ongoing persuit, as the medium is always evolving and every project you work on can "always be better", but I like it as it keeps me on my toes.

  • I create WordPress themes that are heavily optimized for performance and look great on mobile. While I can theme most platforms, I prefer using Beans for my WordPress development, as it provides me everything I need and nothing I don't

  • I am obsessed with performance and this is reflected in my overall design style. I am constantly refining my network of sites to squeeze out every kilobyte and have received 100% rating on a number of them.

  • I've recently taken an interest in modern static site development and have developed a highly efficient workflow for building blazing fast static sites. What I like most about static sites is that you start from ground zero and nothing gets added to markup, unless I added it.

  • I enjoy writing clean, semantic HTML and CSS with as little markup as possible. I also use Slim/LESS/SASS on occasion and know my way around PHP and JavaScript/jQuery. I am also working to further improve my JavaScript and PHP skills with some comprehensive video courses.

  • I've written over 60+ setup guides, technical documentation for frameworks / API's, step-by-step tutorials and how-to screencasts.

  • I've designed and implemented over 20 Headway templates and in the process gained a solid understanding of how to bend Headway to my will.

  • I’ve been invited to speak at two international conferences, numerous local meetups and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with the community.



  • Sketch
  • Atom
  • WordPress
  • Beans
  • UIkit
  • Hammer
  • Cockpit
  • Terminal
  • MAMP Pro
  • DigitalOcean
  • ServerPilot
  • Forge
  • Cloudflare
  • Github
  • Google Apps
  • Pindom
  • Page Speed
  • InVision
  • JPEGmini Pro
  • ImageOptim



Below is a list short list of some of the awesome folks I've worked with over the years. Get in touch for a full list of references, including their contact information.

John Coonen

John Coonen

CEO, Coffee Group

Organizer, CMS Expo
Thierry Muller

Thierry Muller

Lead Developer, Beans Framework

Former partner
Liza May

Liza May

Event Photographer, LMP

Long time client
Andrew Neale

Andrew Neale

Owner, Eezi.io

Former partner
Tess Hoegland

Tess Hoegland

Social Media Marketer

Former partner
Brandon McDonald

Brandon McDonald

Sales Director, CleanGrean

Former CEO at RPC Data



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